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Award-winning digital agency delivering digital transformations and insurance innovations through customer-led digital strategies and customer experience design

Our Top 10 Tips & Tools

If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, but you want to test the idea first, then prototyping is the way to go.

Putting a prototype structure together for a new design or service solution, and doing proper testing to ensure maximum success and lower risks, is an absolute must for any business before you put your reputation on the line and spend zillions on a market launch.

As an award-winning digital agency, we regularly put our service and prototyping design skills to good use, making design thinking, customer context and empathy-building core to our design approach, with…

FinChatBot & Go-Insur partnership promises powerful new e-trading capabilities for brokers & MGAs

A tie-up between Pancentric’s cloud-based digital insurance platform Go-Insur and conversational AI experts FinChatBot promises powerful new distribution and e-trading capabilities for brokers, MGAs, and scheme providers.

Pancentric’s Go-Insur digital insurance product launches a new ‘Transform in 60 Days’ package helping Brokers, MGAs and Scheme Providers leverage sales.

Transform in 60 Daysis a new, one-stop digitisation service for SME insurance businesses that want to leverage the benefits of digital sales and operations to boost growth and sharpen up operations.

The Go-Insur package provides a fast-track route to digital adoption for MGAs, brokers, and scheme providers, with the emphasis on ease, convenience, affordability, and delivering business results early.


“We know that a large percentage of insurance brokers are held back by technology”, says Simon Fenn, Director at Pancentric Digital and Go-Insur. “According to research we did last year, some 70% of the broker community confirm technology to be…

Market-leading CRM solution Hubspot now integrates with Go-Insur, Pancentric’s cloud-based digital insurance platform.

For Brokers, MGAs and challenger insurance brands who want seamless customer and policy management this integration is a big step forward.

Says Simon Fenn, Director at Pancentric Digital, “As more players in the market look to digitise and scale existing insurance products, explore new schemes and improve customer servicing and nurture, it’s key that smart policy management is married with equally smart customer management.

Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are complicated, and using them often requires time-consuming effort by internal teams. Hubspot is easy-to-use and delivers good returns quickly. …

From an ISO 27001 certified digital agency

Digital and the ability to work from home has been a saviour for business. But it’s also provided a big opportunity for cyber-criminals.

As an ISO 27001 certified agency supporting 1000s of users on multiple platforms across 50+ countries, Pancentric take cyber threats seriously and are keen to help protect our clients. The tips below are a new quarterly initiative.

COVID-19 poses an extra threat

Within months of the pandemic hitting last year, phishing attacks were up 600%. According to InfoSecurity Group, “As is usually the case, the attacks used widespread awareness of the subject to trick users into handing over their log-ins and financial information, and/or unwittingly downloading malware to their computers. …

Pancentric is proud to partner with Altus to launch: DigitalBar

The first release of our DigitalBar insurance benchmarking service is now live. The service is a strategic collaboration between Pancentric and Financial Services consultancy Altus and is born out of years of tracking digital innovation trends. The service creates a much needed independent standard for digital maturity in the insurance sector.

A New Standard in Digital Insurance

DigitalBar is a new online service providing a digital maturity league table for the UK’s top Insurers with scoring and analysis across the insurance lifecycle and an expanding showcase of Insurers’ digital journeys.

Says Simon Fenn, Director at Pancentric Digital, “As a digital consultancy specialising in the insurance…

Go-Insur Partners with SurveyorTech

Giving Brokers the Edge in Property Scheme Insurance

We’re delighted to announce a partnership and integration between Go-Insur, our digital insurance platform, and cloud-based survey solution SurveyorTech® from Software Solved. The integration is set to step-change how brokers risk-assess, transact, and service property insurance schemes.

Rob Faulkner, Insurance Practice Lead at Software Solved, says:

“SurveyorTech’s digital survey technology dramatically improves how scheme brokers present risks and collaborate with capacity providers, step-changing the speed and accuracy of underwriting whilst also reducing costs.

“Our ground-breaking technology enables brokers to capture visual information on client risks and inventory onsite or remotely using a standard iPad or smartphone. The extra underwriting insights and economic benefits are huge and the remote survey feature is a major advantage with current COVID restrictions.

“We’re delighted to be working with Pancentric Digital on the integration with Go-Insur. Insurance brokers are facing unprecedented challenges…

New Win for Our Insurance Software, Go-Insur

We’re delighted to announce that insurance start-up Vessel Protect has chosen our Go-Insur solution for its future digital sales and servicing platform.

Which Innovations Have Had the Greatest Impact?

Insurance is more innovative than many think — and it’s had a profound, empowering impact on our progress as a society. Here’s a rundown of the biggest hits of the last 50 years. Are these the most notable?

Quick Context — it kicked off with a big fire…

Rewind. 1666. The Great Fire of London. A third of London destroyed, 100,000 people made homeless, 50 years to put everything back together.

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention and modern insurance was born.

A flurry of first-movers set up. Without a single post-it note, Sharpie or whiteboard they created a mechanism for financial cover and a city-wide fire service to boot. It was a solution that focussed on prevention, not just financial rescue. Value-add thinking we’d call it today. The concept restored confidence, unlocked recovery and the rest is history.

And that’s the way it’s always…

It might feel more doom than boom right now — COVID-19 & all — but my sense is there are interesting times ahead, especially at the micro-end of the business insurance market.

We’re a bit of a cheerleader for growth and innovation in insurance, helping a wide mix of Insurtechs, MGAs and brokers to digitise and thrive. Taking stock, here are my 5 reasons why things might be getting interesting in micro-business insurance.

1. Boom Trades and Innovation

96% of businesses are small. Very small. Less than 10 staff. At last count micro-businesses numbered 5.6 million in the UK, most of them buying their insurance from well-known providers and via aggregators.

But changes are afoot.

Chatting last week to Louis Willison, Head of Brand & Customer Proposition at Towergate Insurance SME, he talks about a new wave…

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