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Award-winning digital agency delivering digital transformation & insurance innovations via customer-led digital strategies & experience design.

Our Top 10 Tips & Tools

Pancentric’s Go-Insur digital insurance product launches a new ‘Transform in 60 Days’ package helping Brokers, MGAs and Scheme Providers leverage sales.

Market-leading CRM solution Hubspot now integrates with Go-Insur, Pancentric’s cloud-based digital insurance platform.

From an ISO 27001 certified digital agency

Digital and the ability to work from home has been a saviour for business. But it’s also provided a big opportunity for cyber-criminals.

COVID-19 poses an extra threat

Go-Insur Partners with SurveyorTech

Giving Brokers the Edge in Property Scheme Insurance

We’re delighted to announce a partnership and integration between Go-Insur, our digital insurance platform, and cloud-based survey solution SurveyorTech® from Software Solved. The integration is set to step-change how brokers risk-assess, transact, and service property insurance schemes.

Which Innovations Have Had the Greatest Impact?

Insurance is more innovative than many think — and it’s had a profound, empowering impact on our progress as a society. Here’s a rundown of the biggest hits of the last 50 years. Are these the most notable?

Quick Context — it kicked off with a big fire…

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